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Infants and crawling children can come into contact with sweat, drool, urine, feces, vomit, and other disgusting contaminants left by other crawling infants on the ground. These areas are breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses.

Vacuuming removes some of the dust but will often simply spread the contaminants around to wider areas – making it more likely that infants will come into contact with these potentially dangerous products. Deep steam cleaning at very high temperatures can help – but how often is this really done to carpets and floors of Child Care facilities?

GermbotThe Germbot™ is a great solution to help control this dangerous situation. The Germbot™ is a battery powered UV (Ultra Violet) light based robot floor cleaner that could be used multiple times daily to kill dangerous bacteria and disable viruses thus improving the sanitation, health and safety of the floor surfaces used by crawling infants and children.

UV light technology has been in use for over 100 years cleaning a wide range of environments from medical facilities to computer clean rooms.

The Germbot™ uses NO toxic chemicals to sanitize.

Reusable UV robot cleaners are now available for schools and day care centers to make these floors cleaner and safer for crawling infants and children.

Typical surfaces that the Germbot™ can be used on include:

Robotic Technology ensures the most thorough surface coverage possible.

Detection Sensors allow the Germbot™ to stop at walls and drop-offs. The built-in handle makes for easy carrying. Rechargeable battery design allows you to use the Germbot™ multiple times daily.

The Germbot™ features simple operation – position the unit and press the button – the Germbot™ does the rest.

These units are available for rent for only $99 per month. Provide parents with peace of mind, keep your floors cleaner, reduce the amounts of toxic chemicals being used, and keep children healthier by using the Germbot™.