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GermbotImprove the sanitation, health, and safety of floor surfaces by killing bacteria and disabling virus reproduction with the Germbot™.

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UV technology has been in use for many years in medical environments such as operating rooms and similar clean room areas.

In recent years, bacterial strains of staph such as MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) and viruses such as Hepatitis and Influenza, as well as other infections are becoming more common in schools, child care facilities and fitness centers.

Using UV light, the Germbot™ sanitizes by killing bacteria and disrupting the DNA structures of viruses.

We have combined the sanitation properties of UV (Ultra Violet) light with an easy to use, highly effective and highly portable floor sanitizing device.

Rent a Germbot™ for only $149.00 per month.

The Germbot™ can be used on:

Keep your floors cleaner and reduce the amounts of toxic chemicals being used.

The Germbot™ uses NO toxic chemicals to sanitize.

Call us today for more details on the effectiveness and availability of the Germbot™ for your facility.